Why are online casino games becoming more and more popular in Canada?


Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and this popularity is causing more and more internet casinos to join this gambling boom.

In North America, and more specifically in Canada, more and more people want to gamble on the Internet and have moved from traditional casinos to games that can be played from anywhere, on mobile or on a computer.

The technological revolution caused by the introduction of smartphones has stimulated the consumption of online games.

Casino operators have taken note of the technological change and seized it as an opportunity to grow and advance their business. It’s a business that right now has no cap. It’s booming.

The best online casinos in Canada

Casino games and taxes in Canada

There are several factors that make casino games so popular in Canada.

One of the key aspects is that Canadian citizens do not have to pay taxes on gambling winnings, with a few exceptions.

Players of any form of bingo or recreational casino games are not required to report their winnings. Only those who engage in online gambling as a full-time job or who make gambling their main livelihood are required to do so. Only in these cases are players not excluded from paying taxes.

On the other hand, players who occasionally visit a casino or gamble on the Internet simply for fun do not pay taxes on the winnings. If you play for fun, you are free to pay taxes. It is surely a law that pleases you.

Gambling legislation

It can be said that Canada has a somewhat restrictive legislation regarding casinos, although it is well ordered and complete.

Gambling in Canada is primarily run by provincial government monopolies. In this respect, private companies intervene mainly as suppliers of goods and services.

Most Canadian provinces have allowed gambling to expand to both traditional land-based casinos and digital and electronic gambling.

The Canadian Criminal Code provides that no one can be convicted of an offense outside of Canada.

Although the Code has extra-jurisdictional force, it only applies in very serious specific cases. If an online gambling business has no connection to Canada (even if it receives frequent visits from Canadian players), it shouldn’t have any legal problems.

Thus, players can access both platforms and casinos authorized by the competent provincial authorities and international platforms not based in Canada.

Canada and mobile casinos

We are facing a new era for online casinos and gambling. This new era has already started a few years ago, but we are still in transition.

Traditional casino games using real money are still very popular around the world, but we can say that their growth is stagnating. Today, users are looking not only for the best casinos, but also for best online casinos.

The opposite is true for online casinos, which have experienced several revolutions. There are versions for desktop computers, but casinos adapted to work on mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular.

It’s a trend that’s been reinforced in places where gambling moves big numbers, like the UK, but it’s also seen in Canada and pretty much around the world.

Mobile gaming guarantees portability. It is incomparable to use online casinos from a mobile phone or from a computer. Mobile phones fit in our pockets, computers, even laptops, have been relegated to the domestic space. We usually do not take them out of the house, in a backpack, for this we have mobiles and, to a lesser extent, tablets.

The mobile versions of the game have also focused on developing a good user experience, with the development of clean and simple interfaces that make the game much more entertaining and accessible.

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