Which online casino games are the most popular – and why?

It’s no secret that the online casino industry is going from strength to strength these days. Already valued at around US$54 billion in 2019, the sector is expected to experience compound annual growth of 11.5% through 2027.

This is no small chunk of change and is a testament to the widespread popularity that online betting and wagering holds at present.

Of course, not all online casino games are as lucrative or as widely played as others. Many people prefer simple rules and attractive graphics over other elements, while for some it’s more about strategy and outmaneuvering their opponents. With that in mind, here is an overview of the most popular casino games and what makes them so irresistible to players.

Slot machines

There is no doubt that online slot machines are the most popular form of internet gambling. With no complex rules to get your head around, themed offerings reminiscent of popular culture, bright, bouncy colors, and stimulating sound effects, slot machines are simply a joy to play. Plus, they offer some of the highest RTP (return to player) ratios of any online casino game, and if you’re lucky enough to line up the reels correctly, you can walk away with a substantial windfall.


Another game of chance that attracts gamblers in droves, roulette is invariably a hotbed of action and activity at a land-based casino. The thrill of the spinning wheel and the roar of the ball as it dances between segments is enough to make the heart race, while the sense of community and camaraderie shared among patrons is unparalleled. Luckily, all of these translate into the cyberspace version of roulette, which is why it’s one of the most popular casino games.


Often seen as an exquisite blend of luck and skill, poker gives you the opportunity to compete against other players and try to outplay them using trickery, strategy and subterfuge. It’s one of the few facets of everyday life where deception is actively encouraged, giving people the opportunity to practice their darkest arts. In addition, it is much more difficult for artificial intelligence to master poker than chess or go, for example, which testifies to the complexity of a game that seems so simple at first glance. These nuanced difficulty levels make it all the more enjoyable.

black jack

Since both dealer and player rely on luck for a large part of the outcome of a blackjack hand, the house edge is relatively low compared to some other casino games. These favorable odds, along with the simple nature of the game’s rules and fast-paced gameplay, make blackjack a favorite in the online gambling world. Indeed, it is popular with brave and cautious players, as there are game strategies that lend themselves well to both personalities.

Are your favorite casino games listed above? If not, let us know in the comments section below.

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Robert M. Brown