What are the best online casino games for absolute beginners?


Online casino games are now a huge part of the entire gambling industry and are worth billions. Connecting with players around the world is a niche in gaming that has really taken off lately. This has led to many new iGamers stepping onto the scene and starting to enjoy what the best online casinos have to offer.

As you might expect, the fun games offered by the best platforms such as SkyCity, a online casino in new zealand, porting are key – and most will have a wide range of casino classics to enjoy. If you’re new to iGaming, it’s worth choosing carefully which games you play first. This will help you play online casino games smoothly and you will have more fun doing it.

But which online casino games are best for beginners?


Invented by the famous French scientist Blaise PascalRoulette is one of the best online games for novices and very easy to find online. This level of accessibility combined with the simplicity of the game makes it great for absolute beginners.

But what about roulette which is so great for beginners? For starters, it’s a very easy to pick up game that doesn’t have a lot of complex rules. Also, there’s no need to remember the value of different hands or try to figure out what other players might be holding. In roulette, you simply place bets on where the ball will land as it spins around the wheel.

Slot machines

Online slots are another great game for iGaming newcomers to try and work just like slots in real world casinos. For absolute beginners in the online casino game, they are a good choice for several reasons. As with roulette, they are very easy to play and simple to understand. Even if you’ve never played online games before, you’ll have no trouble pressing the button to spin the reels and try to land a winning combination.

Slots are also great fun to try out as they come in a wide selection of attractive themes, while also including a range of cool design features. This makes it a great introduction to online casinos and helps you play them in the best possible way.

black jack

While there may be a little more to learning about blackjack than roulette or slots, it’s still one of the best online casino titles for beginners. The object of the game for example is simple and not too complex. Essentially, you are playing against the dealer and trying to make a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible without going over. If the value of your hand is better than the dealer’s, you win. As with the other online games we’ve reviewed, this simplicity is a real plus and makes it the ideal entry-level choice.

There is also plenty of information and advice about this online game, which means newcomers have plenty of support to rely on when playing for the first time. The blackjack strategy cards are a great example and clearly indicate how you should play, based on the cards you and the dealer have. When you add the exciting nature of blackjack and game options such as ‘double down’ for added depth, it’s clear to see why this online casino classic is so popular.


Many people think baccarat is a complicated game and are discouraged from trying it, especially newcomers to online gambling. This is largely due to the rating system, which may seem confusing to new players. It’s a shame because the game itself is great for beginners and not that complex.

Essentially, you are simply betting on whether the banker or player will win the hand – or if you think a draw will occur. You don’t really need to know how the scoring system works to play. You simply place your bet and then see if you win. As a result, baccarat is not only an easy game to play, but also fun and offers one of the lowest house edges.

Online casino games ideal for beginners

Whatever type of game you enjoy, it’s always wise to learn more before you start. For online casino games, beginners are advised to determine which titles are the most suitable to try first. If you need a helping hand, the games above are the best places to start.

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