Top 10 Most Popular Live Dealer Online Casino Games

Thousands of online gamers devote their time and money to these games. We reveal the secrets to you and let you decide which one is worth it!

Over the past year UK players have spent almost £ 2 billion on remote casino betting. And, when it comes to the variety of games, there are thousands of options in as many languages ​​as you can imagine.

Professional reviews can make it easier for players to decide if these games are right for them. Budget tools and active licenses are a must before you even choose your game.

Once your safety is confirmed, you can start playing. Here is a selection of games led by real casino croupiers that you can play from home.

1. Lightning wheel

Roulette dominates the race because it does not require any hard-hitting strategy; your only objective is to guess where the ball lands on the wheel.

Lightning Roulette keeps the gameplay simple and surrounds it with cutting edge studio and eye-catching visual effects.

The rounds end very quickly, hence the name. You can see Roulette itself in some plans. At the same time, the graphics are overlaying the green betting table with numbers (which is usually your physical table in a physical casino).

You are informed of your past bets and your latest winnings thanks to small pop-ups in the lower corners of your screen. The dealer always guides you through all stages of the game.

2. Blackjack free bet

Another favorite that has stood the test of time is Blackjack, where you aim for a 21 against the dealer.

What stands out in this version of the game is that the maps teleport. The croupier takes them on the bridge. Then they teleport from the middle of the table to your front screen.

You have the freedom to focus only on your bets or use the upper left side to press the Chat button. You can start chatting with other players and get the same atmosphere as with a land-based casino.

Each time you or the winner wins the hand, you will be notified by text on your screen.

3. Mega Ball

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a resurgence in the types of game shows entering solid trends among gamers.

Among these, Mega Ball, a game where your 20-digit card must match the 20 extracted balls, landed a podium spot on our list.

The screen is always packed with action, so don’t worry if you feel a little lost! The closest winners or player cards from the unique lucky streak will be moved into an ordered list.

The machine is like the official lottery machine, and you can increase your winnings with multipliers. All of your lucky streaks will be displayed on your screen.

4. Dragon Tiger Live

One of the most accessible games ever made, it’s no wonder Dragon Tiger Live continues to grow in popularity.

Your objective as a player is to guess whether the Dragon card or the Tiger card has a higher value and to bet on your guess.

The aesthetic is heavily influenced by East Asian cultures, even having a predominantly red look, a lucky color in China.

Your bets can be adjusted to suit your budget, from 1 unit to 1000, and for added convenience you have a “repeat” button that keeps the same bet over multiple spins.

5. Crazy time

Again, this is an entry dominated by a great variety when it comes to round results. People are drawn to the dozen of possibilities and the overall colorful atmosphere.

You aim to pick the winning color on the wheel, and if you have, you receive multipliers at your bet or unlock other games and move on.

Some rare options, like Crazy Time, will unlock an Alice in Wonderland-like adventure when you have even more multipliers and chances of winning.

What stands out is the vertigo and the energy of the dealers!

6. Monopoly Live

This old-fashioned family game has turned into an attractive casino trend.

If your desire in the beloved childhood table game was to get rich, here you just need to make bets on the right color. You place your chips on the colored square and wait for the deal to spin the wheel.

When you land on a “Roll” section, Mr. Monopoly comes into play, whereas before he was patiently sitting on the couch, reading a newspaper.

It allows you to roll the dice on the well-known board and move forward like in the original game.

7. Caribbean Stud Poker

Speaking of games that have been popular for decades, if not centuries, a full list cannot be missed in poker.

Caribbean Stud Poker, especially its Live version, is growing in popularity because it is much easier to play. Your direct opponent is the dealer, not the other players at the table.

Your bet is called an ante, and you decide it before the cards are revealed. Then your choices are to call or drop by. You calculate your best bet without being able to see a full dealer’s hand.

8. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Gonzo is a star of online casinos! You have this bearded adventurer as your partner when you play this live casino game.

You bet on one of the symbols and choose where the multiplier cubes will fall on the grid. If you make a correct guess, your bet will be multiplied by the number correctly guessed.

It’s quite funny to see Gonzo staring into the camera every time you win or get really close to it.

The news is that we’ll be able to play a VR version of this game in the years to come, so stay tuned!

9. Football studio

This live casino game combined all the good aspects of live gaming with people’s love for football.

Thus, you bet on the end of fictitious football matches by choosing which side of the table the highest value card in the next round will be placed.

The players who would best fit the profile of this game are those who know a bit of the slang of the sport.

Even if you don’t, you can quickly learn by reading the rules once you click the “? In the upper right corner.

10. Fast Baccarat

All the gameplay of Baccarat consists of betting on which party will win the round. There are three possible cases: the player, the banker or the game ends in a tie.

As the dealers are well-trained professionals, games don’t take long, allowing you to enjoy a faster version than in land-based casinos.

You can see the latest winners with an animation on the left and chat with other users online at your virtual table by clicking the “Chat button”.

Read the rules, start with small bets and have fun!

Now that you know which popular games people love, you save time. You can continue to play. Always remember to bet responsibly and have rare sessions for your health and well-being. Stay in the know!

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