The most popular online casino games in Canada


Online casino games have become very popular with the rise of online casinos. They have always been around for a long time, but people have been enjoying them more recently. Many factors, including the coronavirus pandemic, have led to
this, and online casinos have been the beneficiaries.

People like online casinos more because of the wide variety of games they offer, and the casinos do not disappoint. However, among the many games, there are many that people prefer more than others.

Some are classics, some are vintage games, while others are new but interesting. All of these reasons explain why players prefer certain games over others in online casinos.

It also depends on the simplicity of the game. Simple to play games tend to be quite popular. Slot machines are a good example. They dominate over 70% of casino games.

Of course, you can play a lot more games on the average gaming site. Online Casino Canada has a guide explaining the best operators in the country, the games they offer and their bonuses.

That said, below is a list of the most popular online casino games in Canada.

1. Slots

It is one of the most popular casino games of all time in the world, not just in Canada. There are several reasons why people love it, the main one being that it is simple to play.

Since the release of slots, not much has changed in terms of how games work. Instead, the changes come in the types of slots affected. Nowadays, there are progressive slots, video slots, classic slots and Megaways slots.

Slot machines are popular because anyone can play the games. Considering the high number of players in Canada, which continues to increase, it is not a surprise, because it only takes luck.

Slot machines are all about choosing a symbol on a wheel and spinning the wheel. If the wheel
lands on your choice, you win; otherwise, you start over. There is no strategy involved unless a player has their superstitions on how to win. There are many types of slots to play from including video slots. Game themes can be based
on movies, country music, TV shows or sports.


Blackjack is what most Canadian casino players consider a real casino game. Indeed, unlike slot machines, it takes strategy and luck to play. It is one of the oldest casino card games and has always been popular.

In Canada it is especially popular because of the mind games, tension and deception involved in the game. It is also popular because it is a group game, which can be enjoyed among friends and with family.

The game’s popularity is bolstered by its inclusiveness as anyone can play blackjack. It can have a mix of experienced and inexperienced players, one using strategy while the other relying on luck. It makes a game more interesting because it can take unexpected turns.

For two important reasons, people like to play in live dealer mode at online casinos. First, the game is more about beating the dealer than the other competitors, which is more fun. Secondly, the prizes that can be won in live dealers are more attractive than the different game modes.

3. Poker

This list would have been incomplete without this game as it is the best known casino game. Poker can be played anywhere and anytime because it’s so popular. Canadian players have mastered it so well they can host a game anywhere.

However, playing in an online casino is more exciting and fun. Poker is the most common card game, so it has many different rules and ways to play. Poker is even played professionally by some online casino players.

Canadians love poker for several reasons, primarily because it’s a game of skill. The challenge comes from the fact that you have little or no room for error. If you are error-prone, your win rate in poker games will be meager.

Moreover, very few players can play all the variants of poker, of which there are five. Each version has its own set of rules or another way to play. This leaves many players the option to specialize in just one.

4. Casters

Roulette is another casino game that involves spinning a wheel. From this information, it is clear that no skill is required to play this game. It is easy to understand, as it has two main ways to play in most casinos.

The first way involves every other color, red and black. The wheel then spins and lands on one of them, deciding whether or not you win. If it lands on your chosen color, you win; otherwise, you lose.

The other way to play the game involves numbers. It is the most interesting because it is nerve-wracking and keeps players nervous. The numbers range from zero to 36, although American Roulette has an additional number.

A mini-ball in the machine spins once your number is chosen and a bet is placed. The number it lands on is the winning number, resulting in a healthy payout. This is another reason the game is popular; his high rewards.

5. Progressive Jackpots

It’s a unique choice, given that it’s not exactly a game. Progressive jackpots are part of many games, but people go there specifically to play the jackpot. As the name suggests, this is a continuous jackpot that increases each time players play.
and fail to win.

Progressive jackpots are popular because of the massive payouts, although they are hard to hit. There are crazy amounts that have been earned over the years, like $7.5 million. This is the highest amount ever won by a
Canadian in progressive jackpots. Two other citizens of Canada have won over a million each on separate occasions.

This game category is popular because of the hope it gives you.


As stated earlier, these are only among the most popular games, but others are. Canadians enjoy the above games the most at online casinos for different reasons. Whether it’s the thrill, the competitiveness or the money, they make the bets

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