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Most of us can name the most popular casino games without too much trouble – poker, slots, blackjack and roulette come to mind. How many of us actually know how to play all these games? If most of your gaming knowledge comes from TV and movies, most of what you know probably amounts to shouting “Hit me!” from time to time. or “Put everything in red!”.

You don’t need to be very familiar with the game to enjoy it, we’re all newbies at some point and shouldn’t be embarrassed by that. Playing in an online casino rather than a traditional land-based casino gives you the chance to learn the tricks of the trade without an audience. It takes the pressure off and makes it more enjoyable.

As of 2020, online casinos in West Virginia are allowed to gamble for anyone within state lines. This opened up the industry and allowed people to enjoy casino games without having to travel to Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

The weather this winter has been particularly extreme, with more heavy snowfall expected in the coming weeks. As fun as a trip to the casino is, having a digital alternative is great when ice and snow make driving dangerous. Online casinos are also a great way to beat the boredom that comes from being stuck at home.

With online casino games being so new to many of us, it can be hard to know where to start. Some online casinos offer over 1,000 different slot games, this kind of choice is a bit mind boggling. This article will discuss some of the best online casino games you can play live and point you in the right direction so you can play with confidence.

What are live casino games?

Live casino games are one of the coolest new trends in online casino gaming. Thanks to advances in streaming and optical character recognition technology, casino games where players can actually interact with a real dealer are now possible. Each action performed by the dealer is coded by the game’s control unit, which allows the player to react and interact.

Some live casino games allow players to chat with each other, recreating the experience of sitting at the table with other players. Players can also place bets or ask the dealer questions using the same functionality. There are often multiple cameras covering the table, especially when playing roulette, so players can see everything that is happening.

Live casino games are the closest thing to a land-based casino experience. Having a real person making decisions and determining the outcomes of a game instead of an AI might not change your odds, but it does make everything more real.


Poker is probably the most famous card game in the world. One of the coolest things about poker is that knowing your cards and hand value is only half the game, you also need to be able to read your opponents and tell when they might be bluffing while hiding your own answers. Another part of the appeal of poker is that there are many different variations.

When choosing a live poker game, be sure to choose a variation that is familiar to you. All of the different types of poker are played pretty much the same, but things like hand value, number of betting rounds, and whether the cards are all dealt face down or a combination of face down and face up may differ. The most popular types of poker are Texas Hold’Em, 5 Card Stud and Omaha.

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If poker is the most famous card game, blackjack is the second. Blackjack is an excellent game that requires a mixture of luck and skill. Playing live dealer blackjack is much more fun than playing against an AI or algorithm. That’s because there’s something about being able to see the deck of cards getting shorter on a regular basis, which increases the tension and excitement as you play.


The main reason why roulette is one of the best live casino games to play is that it’s impossible to recreate at home. You can have a poker night and play blackjack with your friends; all you really need is a deck of cards and some tokens. If you want to play roulette, it’s much more difficult. Very few people have the space to have their own roulette wheel at home. The only way to experience roulette without going to a casino is to play a live online version.

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