How to Pay Safely When Playing Online Casino Games


With the increasing popularity of online casinos for real money, it is crucial to understand in detail the reliability of payments on such platforms. Although banks are introducing more and more advanced security systems, everyone should know how to distinguish a reliable online casino from a dangerous one, and how to protect their data and money.

Of course, in the process of choosing an online casino to play at, the majority of players will compare the range of games, available payment methods and withdrawal speed. For example, here you can choose an online casino that offers fast withdrawals and a wide range of payment options. However, it is also essential to know how to behave to ensure that your private and financial data does not become the possession of unscrupulous providers.

Identity verification method is crucial for secure payments

In the electronic environment, there are three ways to prove your identity. First, by using something only you know, like a password or PIN. Second, by using something you have on hand, like a bank card or a phone. And third, by using you personally for authentication, for example by scanning your fingerprint.

Nowadays, it is increasingly important to use not one authentication factor, but several, that is, to combine them, in other words to use two-factor authentication. For example, sending an email with a password (something you know) and also with a verification code sent to your phone (something you have handy). It is particularly important to observe this principle when transacting on Internet casino sites. Usually identity verification is something you will encounter if you are depositing with a bank card. But are there other ways to ensure secure payments? We have several useful recommendations:

  1. Make sure an online casino is reliable and well rated: One of the crucial things to pay attention to before making a deposit is to make sure that a gambling platform under consideration can be worth of trust. So, select only reputable casinos with high ratings and lots of positive reviews on independent review platforms. These gaming platforms do not risk their reputation by compromising their player data.
  2. Check connection security: In 2022, websites must have protocols to ensure that the connection between users and these sites is secure. The website address must begin with HTTPS, or there must be a special sign in the left corner of the address in the browser – a padlock. In this case, the connection is secure.
  3. Make sure a casino site encrypts data: Even if hackers manage to intercept data from the site or when sending details to the website for processing, they will face the challenge of decrypting that data.
  4. Check the policy of a casino you wish to play at on how it handles data obtained from players – both financial and private details. This information can be provided in the T&C section. It’s a good sign if a gambling platform under consideration is regularly audited by institutions like eCOGRA. This means that this casino ensures the protection of its players and does not try to manipulate game results – all results are based on RNG.

Principles of safe behavior on the Internet

If you are going to play in a casino for real money, it is also worth remembering the most essential principles of safe behavior. Here they are:

  • Create a reliable password for your casino account: Forget 12345 and qwerty. Your password must be reliable. And, it is crucial to change it once every few weeks. We also remind you that you should not provide your registration information to anyone.
  • Having a separate email address for different purposes: for example, one email address should be used for banking purposes, another – for online shopping and another – for gambling in casinos. Imagine someone finds out the email address you also use to access online banking. Half of the access details are already obtained. And don’t forget to change their passwords regularly.
  • If you prefer payment by credit card because it is really practical, we advise against paying with a credit card with a large limit or a card where you store your monthly budget. First of all, you will avoid overspending and you will ensure that the details of the bank cards on which you store your money will not be compromised.
  • It is better to use a separate (probably virtual) card or a prepaid card. And even if you break any of the above rules, there won’t be too much harm since, in the case of a virtual card with a limited budget or prepaid, you risk nothing more than the amount of money on such a card.

Last words

Online entertainment is truly convenient and fascinating. However, keep in mind that this niche attracts not only entrepreneurs (casino owners) and potential players, but also those who are looking for ways to get useful information that will help them earn easy money. Don’t let scammers make you a victim of their illegal activity. Protect yourself and your financial information every time you transact online, whether at a casino or online store.

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Robert M. Brown