Here are the 10 best online casino games

Top 10 Online Casino Games

The top 10 online casino games are of course always a somewhat subjective list.

All players have their favorite games and are quite individual at times. Nevertheless, it is of course possible to assess which games are particularly clicked in online casinos. Based on this, our list of online casino games works.

Here we are talking about real money games. The definition of real money gambling is quite simple, as these are games that can be played in a casino with real money stakes. However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you don’t want it to. In the demo versions, which online casinos also offer in parallel, almost all games can also be played for free.

Rank 10: Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune is a success in general. As a TV show, it fascinated millions of viewers and was shot over and over every day. It’s crazy, knowing that the concept of a real game of chance was on the private television afternoon show. Now, however, the game is back as a video slot and as a live casino game show and is offered at many online casinos. The thrill is still relevant and the principle of the game can be easily followed even by beginners.

Rank 9: Baccarat

This is a card game that is one of the absolute classics of the casino. Nevertheless, the popularity of baccarat is increasing again lately, which is also due to streaming services. Whenever movies or TV series deal with a game like poker, roulette or even chess, a boom is set off. Baccarat is having this boom right now and it’s impossible to imagine live casinos without it. However, in parallel, it is also available as a video slot, which allows the player to choose between many variants.

Rank 8: Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are also enjoying great popularity. In the next kiosk with a small purchase, immediately take the scratch ticket again and test its luck. This is how many players act. Now this is however also on-line possible in the Casino and very numerous offerers have already recognized this trend. Scratch cards are not so exciting, because here the fun is always short-lived, but players have discovered for themselves that they can play again and again in between, without having to invest a lot of time now.

Rank 7: Age of the Gods

Gods and their mythology have always fascinated people. Even in online casinos, mythology is a large thematic area, to which countless slot machines have already been produced. The success proves that the game producers are right because it doesn’t matter if it is Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian gods or the ancient Norse gods, they are successful in the slots business. This still very mystical world can very well be represented in the sounds and video elements of a slot machine, and it also has a bit to do with luck, to which the gods are currently well disposed.

Rank 6: El Torero

El Torero is also an exciting slot which is not only about bullfighting but also about honor and beautiful women. The slot machine is equipped in a classic way and benefits from the high standard that Merkur has imposed on its games. An attractive RTP also entices even more players to invest here. El Torero is full of suspense and also surprises the player again and again in the game. The fun of the game can become addictive here, because the design and sounds create a special atmosphere.

Rank 5: Fire Joker

Joker games always appeal to the clientele of online casino players. After all, the joker stands for sudden surprises and fun. These are exactly the items that players like to claim for their own game. So the wild always appears on the reels and usually means increased chances of winning. These can get so hot that the word “Fire” in the name of the game is entirely justified. For excellent placement in our list, the Joker is enough.

Rank 4: Video Poker

Poker is a game that gained enormous popularity in the late 90s of the last millennium. Poker had this great success because it ended up on television and then spread to the general public. The high winning possibilities still excite all poker enthusiasts today, which can make playing video poker a highly sought after commodity in an online casino. The interactive aspect with other players is also fueling the popularity of poker in live casinos and land-based casinos, where every house now has poker tables ready.

Rank 3: Book of the Dead

Rick Wilde’s adventures in Egypt just won’t stop. Again and again the adventurer is sent in search of the Book of the Dead, although the game does not have a good RTP at all, many players return to it, because it attracts with high payouts which are rarely found, but it is exactly like that in the life of the tomb hunter in Egypt. You can’t always find Tutankhamun’s room. Book of Dead belongs to all online casinos, the absence of the game is a shortcoming.

Rank 2: Roulette

The good old game of roulette cannot be surpassed. It has been thrilling gamers for ages and there are plenty of reasons why it is so. Roulette is the casino game where the house edge is the least pronounced. With over 98% RTP almost everything is refunded to the player. In addition to this, there are many possible combinations and bets. You can bet on a high risk, high odds number, or on a quartet of numbers, colors, even/odd or a group of numbers. The possibilities are many.

Rank 1: Starburst

No slot machine has as many fans as the old Starburst, which couldn’t seem simpler and clearly shows that no big media treatment of a slot machine helps, but the game itself has to convince . High payouts are another reason for Starburst’s strong performance. The slot machine can motivate again and again even after years of play and hardly any player who has already started with it will let go of Starburst. The game is very simple and does not require much time to learn the rules. Here everyone can immediately understand whether they have won or not. This is Starburst’s strength.

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