Current Canadian online gambling regulations and future expectations

Canada has a thriving online gambling industry, with the majority of online gambling websites hosted by foreign operators. Canadian gambling laws regarding online gambling are not very clear and, therefore, authorities have not been very strict with online gambling operators so far.

Black Friday has boosted the Canadian iGaming market

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) sued online poker operators in 2011 for violating the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and essentially shut down the online gambling industry in America on April 15, 2011. Today is usually called Black friday by online poker operators who had nearly $ 3 billion in assets seized by the DoJ for multiple violations.

What turned out to be Black Friday for the US online gaming market turned out to be Good Friday for the Canadian online gaming market. Indeed, iGaming operators could no longer target the US market and decided to focus on the Canadian market. Thousands of Americans who made a living gambling online were in dire straits due to the market shutdown.

Not sure it’s all six.

Many of these American players decided to pack their bags and cross the border to Canada where it was still legal to play online. The Canadian online gambling market has continued to grow year on year as new Canadian players decide to see if they can get rich playing online casino games.

Better to be safe than sorry

Canadian online gamblers are spoiled for choice today as the market is flooded with hundreds of different online gambling sites that offer a variety of options ranging from online slots, poker, sports betting , online casino games, daily fantastic sports and live casino games.

While it is always a good thing to have a great selection of gaming sites to choose from, Canadian players should tire of choosing the right online casino. There are two ways to approach this. Players can search on Google and try to find a reputable online casino among the hundreds of websites that appear on Google.

The second option is for players to check out online casino review sites which usually provide a shortlist of reliable and trustworthy online casino sites. It saves time for Canadian players as they can quickly choose from the list of mentioned sites.

There are many sites that try and guide players at reputable online casinos, but unfortunately there are still some who simply take advantage of players due to the nature of the internet and the way these entities can hide.

Beware of unscrupulous iGaming operators

The global online gambling market comes under continual criticism due to the regular reports of scams from gamblers, online operators that do not remit funds, and websites that shut down without any warning.

Since Canada has very little gaming regulations in place to control the online gaming market, there are a number of unscrupulous operators who have targeted Canadians by offering them a variety of special promotions and bonuses for register on their websites. Many Canadian gamers don’t take the time to research and verify the online gaming operator and website they decide to register with and often end up regretting their decision.

As these scams start to increase and Canadian players begin to file more complaints with the authorities, Canada will have to think about introducing an amendment or a new iGaming bill that offers better protection to its players and sends a strong message. to unscrupulous operators that they cannot no longer have a free hand in Canada.

New gambling laws are urgently needed

Gaming regulators in different Canadian provinces have been forced to deal with many negative issues that plagued the online gambling market in the country. However, gambling regulators in Canada have had to deal with greater concerns about the land-based casino industry as many complaints and concerns have increased over the course of the year. money laundering, terrorist financing and casino operators colluding with criminals.

As a result, the online gambling market has taken a back seat over the past couple of years, but it won’t be long before Canadian authorities start pushing for new gambling regulations to be introduced in order to that the online gambling market does not experience the same setbacks that the land-based casino industry is currently facing.

However, it might already be a bit too late as there are a few shady iGaming operators that have entered the Canadian market and it is important for players to be able to identify the red flags of these unscrupulous operators. Once Canada puts in place better gaming regulations, players will enjoy greater protection as these shady operators will most likely be blacklisted and banned for good.

Red flags to identify shady iGaming operators

It is the responsibility of Canadian players to ensure that they take the necessary steps to protect themselves when playing at online casino sites. Don’t be swayed by attractive welcome bonuses or no deposit bonus offers, as many shady websites offer superior bonuses in order to entice players and get them to focus on the welcome bonus information instead. than controlling the online casino operator.

Some of the other things you need to check before signing up with a Canadian online casino is whether the online casino is licensed and regulated by an authority known as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). ) where the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) which is based in Canada.

Players can also check whether the online casino provides information as to whether it is regularly audited and tested; if it has a solid responsible gambling policy in place; if uses the latest SSL encryption technology to protect the personal and financial information of its players at all times. If this information is not displayed on the home page or if you cannot find any link to this information on the home page, it should trigger a red flag.

So what’s in the future?

Governments and legislative bodies are fully aware of the need for change. It is being done, but slowly. While some new laws may appear to limit players’ options, it is in the player’s best interest that the gaming markets are as regulated as possible.

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