Canadian sports teams with sponsorship offers from online casino platforms

Canada and gambling go hand in hand, as the North American country has a long history with the latter. This way, you shouldn’t be surprised by the success of the online gambling industry within its borders. However, the level of awareness of the online casino industry in Canada is not enough, and they are starting to look for ways to increase their level of awareness through sports sponsorship.

The online casino industry has evolved so much in recent years that even residents, who were not interested in any form of gambling, have started to take an interest in the various games offered by online casino platforms. This has pivoted the popularity of online casinos within Canada’s borders.

Statistics Canada revealed that more than 70% of the Canucks population participates in some form of gambling. While the rise of online casinos in Canada is due to the evolution of technology over the years, fierce competition in the industry has also played a role in pivoting its popularity. Players old and new received amazing bonuses and promotions. The gaming platforms did not stop there, to increase their notoriety, extensive digital marketing was carried out as well as sponsorship agreements signed with popular sports teams in the country.

Sports teams and online casino platforms
To increase their popularity and notoriety in Canada, several online gaming platforms have started eyeing the Canadian sports market. This strategy has quickly gained popularity and several gaming platforms have adopted this new method to increase its notoriety. According to this real money online casinos in Canada website, almost all sports teams in Canada have sponsorship deals with several online gambling platforms, which will have their gambling advertisements shown on the playing field.

In this article, we will list Canadian sports teams with sponsorship offers from online casino platforms. Read more.

Toronto Blue Jays Bet and TheScore
The Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball have officially signed a partnership agreement with gaming platform, TheScore Bet. The agreement, which was signed in 2022, will last ten years. This is the franchise’s first-ever gaming partnership.

The deal will see TheScore Bet launch a new upscale sports bar and restaurant at Rogers Center’s home stadium of the Blue Jays, and two upscale seating sections at the ballpark will be named after TheScore Bet. Some of its advertisements will also be seen flying.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) and PointsBet Canada
Even if you’re not a sports fan, you must have heard of Maple Leaf at some point in Canada. MLSE is a big company in Canada, and it is the parent company of Toronto FC of MLS, Toronto Raptors of NBA, Toronto Maple Leafs of NHL and Toronto Argonauts of CFL.

MLSE has signed a partnership agreement with PointsBet Canada to become its official sports betting partner on a multi-year deal. The deal will see the online gaming platform’s in-stadium advertisements for all sports teams run by the Canadian company and its logo printed on the teams’ kit.

Ottawa Atlético and ComeOn!
Go on! is a popular online gambling platform that allows its users to play casino games as well as place bets on the various sporting events happening around the world. His popularity in Canada was not enough, so he ventured into the Canadian sports market to sign a partnership deal with Ottawa Atlético. Details of the deal have not been disclosed to the public, but it is quite obvious that the logo of the gaming platform will be visible on the team’s kit and some of its advertisements are also expected to be seen in the stadium. the team.

Ottawa Redblack Football Team and PointsBet Canada
PointsBet Canada seems to have a head start on online casino platforms as it has several agreements signed with several sports teams. The Ottawa Rougenoir, which plays in the Canadian Football League, has signed a partnership agreement with PointsBet Canada. The contents of the deal will see the PointsBet Canada logo imprinted on the team kit and it will be designed in select areas of the team’s stadium, TD Place. The TD Place VIP area will be rebranded as PointsBetSideline Club.

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