Alderney Island remains a leading player in online gambling regulation

Alderney Island has won nearly £2 million ($2.52 million) from eGambling throughout 2021. The small rocky land is a major international high-tech hub for gambling companies. games and hosts many of the biggest names in the industry.

The small island rivals other offshore behemoths such as Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man

Alderney is the third largest of the Channel Islands and is located approximately 8 miles from France and 60 miles from mainland Britain. As a Crown dependency of the United Kingdom, it has self-government, a legislature and company laws.

This puts the seemingly unassuming, windswept, rabbit-infested island in a unique position. Alderney has no gambling duty or VAT, zero-rated corporate income tax and no capital gains tax for companies within its jurisdiction. The island also offers a modern telecommunications infrastructure with high speed internet access in the UK and mainland Europe.

Alderney is outside the EU and EEA, meaning businesses operating out of Alderney have not been affected by Brexit. The separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union has even led to an additional influx of interest in the gambling paradise, which is open to businesses from all over the world.

Alderney Online Gaming License owners may run all types of online gaming without an individual license for each product. Obtaining a gambling license can take just four weeks, and it’s no surprise that around 350 companies operate with an Alderney gambling license and collectively run around 2000 gambling websites. regulations therefore bring a small benefit to Alderney and the neighboring island of Guernsey, which is home to the majority of the required IT infrastructure.

The online gambling industry is a boon to the local economy

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission recently announced that they have invested over £2million in the island in 2021. These profits will go towards the local economy and infrastructure. Part of the funds will also contribute to the promotion and development of the online gaming industry, which has greatly contributed to Alderney’s success and reputation, as well as its tourism and finance sectors. Lord Faulkner, head of the Gambling Commission, said eGambling continues to add to local prosperity. “It should be noted that a number of the world’s leading operators have been attracted to the Bailliage,” he noted.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) was established in May 2000. It consists of the Chairman and three additional members and claims to be independent and apolitical. The Gambling Commission regulates online gambling on behalf of the Alderney States and also helps promote this sector of the small island’s economy. According to Ian Carter, Vice President for Policy and Finance, “Alderney’s revenue stream is resilient thanks to the efficiency of the Commission and its unwavering adherence to the highest ethical principles”. The Commission is a member of the European Gaming Regulators Forum (GREF) and the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).

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Robert M. Brown