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Southeast Asia’s first-ever Esports Hotel has been launched, providing an unparalleled hospitality experience for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Located in the city of Senai, Johor in MalaysiaSEM9 Senai Esports Hotel offers luxurious rooms equipped with the latest technological facilities.

Developed and built by South East Asia A SEM9 esports organization and backed by SEAGM & Aiken Digital, SEM9 Senai aims to bring a whole new concept of gaming/esports realm. The hotel is just a 3-minute walk from Senai International Airport.

“SEM9 Senai offers the ultimate in comfort, marrying form and function to meet the toughest needs of not only the world’s top esports teams, but also to cater to guests of all kinds with a multitude of playrooms and non- games.“, said Tommy ChiengPresident of SEM9.

Slay the enemy team in style and comfort – game rooms are tastefully decorated with LED lights to match the vigor with which players ooze, whether for a team of two – or more.

Experience the best of visual splendor in a game with ultra-high performance gaming PCs powered by the latest Nvidia graphics (such as RTX 3090 and 3060 GPUs), comfortable gaming chairs, and gaming peripherals. players won’t miss that crucial shot that could sack their team that coveted the tournament prize.

When it comes to gaming, every second counts – lag, the bane of gamers everywhere, will be a thing of the past as the entire hotel is equipped with high-speed and mobile internet access, whether via WiFi or wired .

Console and mobile gamers won’t feel left out either; there are rooms specially designed for mobile gamers and equipped with the latest version of PlayStation 5, as well as their DualSense wireless controllers.

Gamers of all creeds can also gear up with the SEM9 Senai merchandise area featuring exclusive SEM9 apparel, esports team jerseys, and collectibles.

SEM9 has over 3,000,000 fans across all social media and now, with the introduction of SEM9 Senai Esports Hotel, it is poised to reach more fans than ever to redefine the term ‘getaway’.

SEM9 Senai’s game rooms are available for reservation now; opening to the public on 1st June 2022 with 122 rooms (including non-game rooms). Games rooms are available for booking for a full day or half a day. Prices start from RM 220 all day and RM 115 for half a day, subject to 6% SST.

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