4 Most Popular Online Casino Games in Michigan


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It’s only in recent years that online casinos have been legalized in Michigan. With the way their popularity has grown, it’s hard to believe that just three years ago they weren’t even allowed. Now, those in Michigan can enjoy the online casino experience enjoyed by many others around the world without having to travel to another city. While there are still states that seem to be behind the times, it’s great to see Michigan leading the way.

If you have visited any of Michigan’s online casinos, you will no doubt have been impressed with the vast selection of games. The truth is that these casinos have something for everyone, no matter what game they choose. With such a selection, you might be wondering which games are the most popular. Well, we’re here to help, so read on to find out.

4 Most Popular Online Casino Games in Michigan


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As with online casinos around the world, one of the attractions of sites such as https://www.blackjack.me/online-casinos/michigan/ is in looking at the return to player (RTP). This is a game where the house edge is usually around 1% and therefore offers a high chance of winning.

One of the other main attractions of this game is that it involves a mixture of luck and skill. The element of luck makes it one of the most exciting casino games out there, but it’s also extremely satisfying to use certain strategies to increase your chances of winning. In addition to the standard blackjack games, there are also some interesting variations to explore such as:

  • American Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs
  • Vegas Strip
  • blackjack switch

2. Slots

Online casino games
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No matter where you are in the world, you will find online slots to be some of the most popular casino games out there. There are so many factors that make slot machines so popular, but mainly they are fun to play. They are one of the simplest casino games, so they allow for a high level of fun without having to think too much.

The developers behind these games never stop when it comes to bringing new titles. There are so many choices and a range of themes, stories and ways to win. These are games that really are for everyone. Some of the most popular slot titles currently include:

• Gonzo’s Quest

Yes, there may be a slew of new titles released on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean some of the older titles aren’t retaining their appeal. This is a slot presented by NetEnt and considered an all-time classic. The game lets you follow the story of Gonzalo Pizarro on his quest to find the lost city of gold.

When playing this slot, you will notice the outstanding 3D graphics, but there are many other features that keep players entertained. One of the biggest has to be Avalanche’s features. This sees multiple one-spin wins and adds a whole new level of excitement to the game. The big win potential is always an attraction with online slots.

• Book of the Dead

Coming from the developers of Play ‘n Go, this is another slot title that is nothing new. It is one, however, that will forever remain popular. As a prequel to Legacy of Dead, Book of Dead takes you to ancient Egypt and searches for all things treasure. Many features are offered to increase your chances of finding gold.

Something that’s really great with Book of Dead is the bet option. When you win, you have the option of risking it on the turn of a card. Make the right choice and you could double or even quadruple your winnings. If you are wrong, you lose everything.

• Star Burst

Another NetEnt title and another classic. Starburst is arguably the most popular slot machine ever. Its popularity in Michigan is reflected around the world. This is an extremely simple slot to play, but it looks amazing and also offers very rewarding payouts.

What entices players to spin this slot machine is that it is associated with low volatility. This means there are frequent wins, which keeps the excitement level going. Usually, low volatility means low gains. However, with Starburst you still have the chance to win 50,000 times your stake and benefit from the Win Both Ways feature.

3. Casters

Online casino games
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Another extremely popular online casino game in Michigan is roulette. The reason for this game’s popularity probably doesn’t require much explanation. The truth is, there’s nothing quite like the thrill that comes with risking it all on the spin of the wheel. Popularized by movies, roulette is one of the first games people think of when they think of online and offline casinos.

There are different versions of this classic game. The most popular are American Roulette and European Roulette. These have different numbers on the wheel and therefore have different chances of winning. However, the principle remains the same: the wheel spins and you bet on where the ball will land.

4. Poker

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Michigan players are big fans of online poker. When you watch some of the televised or streamed tournaments, it’s clear to see what the attraction is here. The game is full of glamour, sophistication and big wins. In fact, it’s a great game for beginners because the odds of beating the house are high.

Another reason why players are such big fans of poker is that they enjoy the challenge involved. It’s the only casino game where skill and strategy trump luck. Players find great satisfaction in outmaneuvering others and showing their mastery. Of course, there is always a slight element of luck as no one can tell what the next card will bring.

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